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Original Title:Trial
Release: 1955-10-07
Country: United States of America
Language: English
Runtime: 105 min.
Genre: Drama

 Production Company:Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
 Plot Keyword:lawyer, courtroom, mexican boy
 Alternative Titles:


    The story of a murder trial where a Mexican boy is accused of the death of a Caucasian girl. The two-faced attorney (Arthur Kennedy) who takes the boy's case is only interested in defending him so he can exploit his Communist-backed organization for their own underhanded purposes. He and his organization bring in an idealistic law professor (Glenn Ford) who agrees to represent the boy in court.
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  • David

    Characters : David

    Actor : Glenn Ford


    Characters : Abbe

    Actor : Dorothy McGuire


    Characters : Barney

    Actor : Arthur Kennedy

    District Attorney Armstrong

    Characters : District Attorney Armstrong

    Actor : John Hodiak

    Mrs. Chavez

    Characters : Mrs. Chavez

    Actor : Katy Jurado

    Angel Chavez

    Characters : Angel Chavez

    Actor : Rafael Campos

    Judge Theodore Motley

    Characters : Judge Theodore Motley

    Actor : Juano Hernández

    A.A. 'Fats' Sanders

    Characters : A.A. 'Fats' Sanders

    Actor : Robert Middleton

    Ralph Castillo

    Characters : Ralph Castillo

    Actor : John Hoyt

    Cap Grant

    Characters : Cap Grant

    Actor : Paul Guilfoyle

    Finn (as Elisha Cook)

    Characters : Finn (as Elisha Cook)

    Actor : Elisha Cook Jr.

    Gail Wiltse

    Characters : Gail Wiltse

    Actor : Ann Lee

    Sam Wiltse

    Characters : Sam Wiltse

    Actor : Whit Bissell

    Dr. Johannes Albert Schacter

    Characters : Dr. Johannes Albert Schacter

    Actor : Richard Gaines

    Jim Brackett

    Characters : Jim Brackett

    Actor : Barry Kelley

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